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Taihe always regards innovation as the lifeline of enterprise development and continuously enhances its ability to innovate in science and technology. So far, it has owned more than ten independent intellectual property rights. Establish technical cooperation with relevant enterprises in Russia, South Korea, Israel, Vietnam and other countries. Taihe insists on customer demand as the orientation of innovation, relying on comprehensive, reliable and advanced technology to create a comprehensive range of products, technologies and service solutions for customers, and strive to become an integrated solution expert for customers. With the technological innovation of forging ahead, the establishment of the industry-university research cooperation system with scientific research institutes, strict quality control, professional and efficient full-service, Taihe has made great progress in the field of steel water flow control in China and successfully entered the overseas market.

Part of Taihe

S.N.Patent No.ItemTime
1ZL201820269740.9A slider device suitable for fixing a variety of lower sliding plate shapes11-Sep-18
2ZL201820273200.8A ladle sliding gate mechanism12-Oct-18
3ZL201820270977.9A guard plate device for ladle sliding gate mechanism28-Sep-18
4ZL201820274801.0A upper nozzle installation positioning device for ladle sliding gate mechanism18-Sep-18
5ZL201820270926.6A hydraulic cylinder device for ladle sliding gate mechanism25-Sep-18
6ZL201820269761.0A fixed base device for ladle sliding gate mechanism11-Sep-18
7ZL201820469913.1A guard plate device for ladle sliding gate mechanism19-Oct-18
8ZL201820274802.5A driving device for ladle sliding gate mechanism18-Sep-18
9ZL201820269760.6A slider device for ladle sliding gate mechanism26-Feb-18
10ZL201520390889.9Cylinder bracket positioning installation tool of ladle side sliding date mechanism driver14-Oct-15
11ZL201520390849.4A automatic updating device of upper nozzle9-Jun-15
12ZL201520390848.XA guide for the spindle of the stopper mechanism9-Jun-15
13ZL201520377816.6A ladle slide gate mechanism5-Jun-15
14ZL201520377842.9A ladle nozzle remover5-Jun-15
15ZL201520417526.XA ladle slide gate mechanism used slider17-Jun-15
16ZL201520390886.5A ladle slide gate mechanism control system5-Jun-15
17ZL201520377764.2A ladle argon purging system5-Jun-15
18ZL201520390888.4A sliding gate mechanism lower nozzle sleeve rectification device9-Jun-15
19ZL201520377819.XA slide gate upper nozzle installation and positioning device9-Jun-15

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