Alumina-Magnesia Carbon Bricks

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Alumina-Magnesia Carbon Bricks


Magnesia-carbon bricks(MT-), magnesia-calcium carbon bricks(AMT-) are designed and manufactured according to the different parts of the thermal equipment and different use conditions. High-purity, high-density fused magnesia or large-crystalline fused magnesia, high-purity graphite, etc. They are used as the main raw materials, and an appropriate amount of antioxidant is added, and the phenolic resin is used as a binder, formed by high pressure molding.

The product is mainly used in electric furnace lining, converter lining, furnace bottom, furnace cap, ladle, taphole. It is in direct contact with molten steel and slag, and has the advantages of high strength, strong slag resistance, good thermal shock stability and high refractoriness. According to the smelting conditions, different grades of magnesia carbon bricks are selected for different parts of the kiln.

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