TH-S1 Ladle Argon Purging System

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TH-S1 Ladle Argon Purging System

TH-S1 Ladle Argon Purging System

The Ladle Argon Purging System consists of a base, a cover plate, a tightening ring, a disc spring cylinder, a gasket and corresponding refractories. The Argon-blown permeable brick at the bottom of ladle provides argon gas to the molten steel to mix the molten steel by gas, so that the temperature and composition of the molten steel are uniform and the non-metallic inclusions in the molten steel can be eliminated.

The characteristics of TH-S1 mechanism:

1. The mechanism is simple, easy to operate and practical.

2. The disc spring assembly tightens the cover plate, blows argon smoothly, and is safe and reliable.

3. It can be installed on-line without affecting the installation and use of other mechanisms, and does not affect the operator's sight and casting operation.

4. Gate structure and accurate repetitive positioning.

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