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Our History

Hebei Taihe High Temperature Technology Co., Ltd.

In May 2004

Mr. Zhang Fuhui founded Handan Taihe Metallurgical Machinery Co., Ltd. He’s been the corporate juridical person since then.

In March 2005

Model TH359-A60 designed and manufactured by Taihe was installed in Yongyang Special Steel Company.

In July 2005

Model TH410-A70 ladle slide gate mechanism was successfully applied in 120T ladle.

In January 2006

R&D team for tundish rapid change system was established. The system was installed and applied in Jianfa Special Steel in October.

In November 2006

TAIHE’s production workshop was established to expand business.

In 2007

TAIHE received a prize as famous brand of Industry Association.

In September 2008

TAIHE was certified by ISO9001 and obtained the Implementation Standard Certificate of Industrial Products of Hebei Province. We were authorized with and invention patent.

In December 2009

Two national patents for a ladle sliding nozzle mechanism and a ladle sliding nozzle control mechanism were authorized to Taihe.

In 2010

TAIHE signed a overall contract of molten steel ladle with Wu'an Yongcheng Casting Industry company. The we acquired the Top Ten Enterprises Prize from the Metallurgical Industry Association for slide gates.

In 2011

TAIHE applied (泰禾-TH) as our trademark.

In June 2012

The newly developed model TH410-B70 ladle sliding gate control mechanism was used in the 150T ladle of Jiujiang Iron and Steel Company from Jiangxi Province.

In 2013

TAIHE established the Enterprise Engineering Technology R&D Department to cooperate with universities so as to develop large-tonnage molten steel flow control technology. In September, we exported TH410-B type Russia and Posco, South Korea.

In December 2014

After more than two years, it was tested accident-free with 3,800 furnaces for model TH440\TH480 used on the 210-ton ladle of the Shandong Iron and Steel Group Jinan Steel Plant. The TH310 model was exported to Kazakhstan steel mill.

In 2015

The converter slag blocking system designed and developed by Taihe was successfully used in Laiwu Steel Steel Making Plant. The slag blocking rate reached to 99%. These products were exported to Vietnam POMINA3 steel mill, with quality and performance recognized by their steel mill engineers.

In 2015

We obtained 9 national authorized patents.

In March 2016

The company changed its name to Hebei Taihe High Temperature Technology Co., Ltd., and obtained the National High-tech Enterprise Certificate in the same year. It was from then Taihe started to undertake Handan City’s key research and development projects (energy-saving large-tonnage molten steel flow control devices)

In 2017

The whole company moved to the Equipment Park of Handan Fuxing Economic Development Zone.

In 2018

TAIHE obtained two national invention patents and nine utility model patents, and Handan City Science and Technology Award 2nd prize.

New Strategies and Business Decisions

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